Help Your Young Adult Learn The Value of Money & Gain Future-Proof Life Skills

Help your 10 -18 year old the experience and learn the life skills that are the hallmarks of entrepreneurship that will remain relevant and life-changing no matter how Artificial Intelligence develops, or what happens in the global economy.

Get your child ready for their future by preparing them with the ability to think creatively, solve problems, make smart financial decisions, communicate effectively, and appreciate the value of money.


Registrations closed! Next cohort dates to be announced soon!

Registration Price

Registrations Closed

Registration price includes:

  • A copy of The Simple Startup. Free shipping for US Domestic addresses only.
  • Access to The Simple StartUp Online Course content.
  • Weekly Live Webinars with Rob to get your business questions answered.
  • Access to an exclusive community of fellow entrepreneurs for encouragement, accountability, support and feedback.
  • Email access to Rob for the duration of the course.
  • Invitation to exclusive Simple StartUp Alumni Community for continued connection and support after the course has ended.


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Life Skills Your Child Will Learn

Problem solving skills

Recognize problems and challenges in our own lives and others, and then propose solutions.

Communication skills

Communicate a message effectively and convey the value of your business to others. 

Organization Skills

Organize & execute tasks in a timely manner, coupled with effective decision making.

What Your Child Will Accomplish?

By the end of the 10-week digital course, your young adult will have a business that will begin to earn an income. They will also be equipped with the financial lessons to manage and grow that income responsibly.

"The Simple Startup helped me learn how to start a business, and everything that comes with that. It gave me more appreciation for the entrepreneurs in the world."


"The Simple StartUp showed me how I can make money in a way that I want to. I think this camp is a great way to start a business for anyone who's interested."


"I learned about things I didn't even know I needed to start a business. Rob teaches you to evaluate your product and customer just like larger businesses run by adults."


What They Will Learn That They Won't Get In School

At The Simple StartUp, your child will be guided through how to start a business of their own using The Simple StartUp model, as well as learning how to start and running their first business.

It's Project-Based Learning taken to the next level, where your child will learn actionable life-skills to captain their own enterprises, but also, chart the course of their own lives.

The skills they will hone include:

  • Identifying problems and then proposing solutions
  • Breaking down a solution into a series of goals and actionable steps
  • Organizing themselves to fill different roles within a business
  • Planning for expected and unexpected events, both financially and logistically
  • Analyzing themselves to find strengths and weaknesses. Then moving to capitalize on their strengths while improving or minimizing weaknesses.
  • Designing a viable product or service with a little to no startup cost involved
  • Researching an idea and producing usable data to support the desire for a product or service, or the need to change aspects of the idea to cater to the market.
  • Find ways to fulfill the needs and wants of customers through being flexible and dynamic in their approach.
  • Work on communication, orally, written, and with body language
  • Explore different ways of determining value and using this to construct a pricing model
  • Learn how to bring value to customers to create a desire to purchase their idea.

We will wrap up the course with a business pitch where participants can share their business, what they have accomplished so far, and how they plan to grow for the future.


Why I am the right person to help your teens fire their imaginations and discover their entrepreneurship power.

Hi everyone! My name is Rob Phelan and I will be your teen's guide through this entrepreneurship experience. On top of being a high school personal finance and math teacher, I am part of the ChooseFI International Foundation Personal Finance Curriculum team, a NCFE Certified Financial Education Instructor, and the author of The Simple StartUp: A Beginner’s Guide To Starting A Business.

I am the perfect person to help your kids become entrepreneurs and here's why:

When I was in 10th grade, my business studies teacher ran an entrepreneurship project that probably had the biggest impact on my education to date. It is one of my clearest memories from high school and the one I go back to when I am asked for my most influential life moments. In this project, two of my friends and I started a baking company where we sold cookies, brownies, and slices of cake to the students and staff in my school. Over 8 weeks we made over €500 (did I mention this was in Ireland?!) and acquired priceless skills and experience in the process. So I've been there. I've been a teen who started a business with no prior business experience or knowledge. My parents are both employees and did not own their own businesses at the time. All you need is some guidance and encouragement.

Once I became a personal finance teacher later in my career, I came back to the lessons I learned in my own school experience and I became driven to share the benefits of entrepreneurship with my students. Since starting, I have guided the creation of over 60 student businesses which have actually started and generated income. Some of them have even gone on to compete at local and state competitions!

What I quickly realized was that I was not alone in this desire to share entrepreneurship with our school-aged youth, and most personal finance curricula existing at the time did not include entrepreneurship as part of the course, even though increasing your income is one of the core pillars needed to improve your financial well-being and pursue Financial Independence. I was motivated to create a resource that could help parents and teachers bring the experience of an entrepreneurship project to their teens, and The Simple StartUp was born.

The Simple StartUp was published in February 2020, and has already begun impacting the lives of teens around the country (and some adults too!). Now I am even more passionate about getting out there and helping to change the lives of the youth in this country through my work with the ChooseFI International Foundation and The Simple StartUp.

This business experience is a way for me to help parents at home, who maybe don't have the time, resources or interested school district, to give their children a chance to start their own business and learn the multitude of life skills and professional skills that come as a result. What is most exciting for me is I get to leave the confines of my classroom and work with students from all across the country.

I'm so excited to see what your child can create.

You can email me with any questions at [email protected]